Welcome to our garden

Our eldest reads in the garden at Casa Adams

Our eldest reads in the garden at Casa Adams

We bought our home in mid 2018, an old Victorian house with a big garden in Sydney’s Inner West suburbs. Our first night was a bit like that Tom Hanks movie “The Money Pit”: there was storm and we were woken up by water falling in our house through multiple leaks on the roof. We knew we’d have to fix some parts of the house pretty soon, but perhaps not that soon. So for the first year, we fixed the house essentials and paid zero attention to the garden. We basically just used it as a place to let our kids run around in.

During this time the weeds grew and grew. They spread pretty much everywhere and their roots turned into muscled-arm thick trunks, only to be removed with an axe and after hours of chopping. The garden had very little to give back to our local flora and fauna: the soil was acidic, there were no flowers for the bees, no shrubs for the little birds to protect themselves, no water for any species and some of our weeds were toxic.

I guess this is the part of the story when I should write something like “and then this thing happened and it’s all amazing now”. But I can’t, because nothing has really happened, yet. At least nothing you can see, but a lot of planning and plotting and preparing…

We want to turn our garden into an oasis for the native flora and fauna: we’ll be planting endemic native species, more trees, shrubs, and plants that help the local insects and other animals. We want a veggie patch to sustain our family. We want a chicken run. We want a native bee hive. We even want a pond. Basically, we want to create a space that gives back to our wildlife, is savvy with water usage, productive and that teaches our children to appreciate nature, know how to support themselves and understand what working the land feels like.

The purpose of this blog is to document our progress and welcome any advice from local gardeners. Welcome to the Casa Adams garden blog!