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Cup: The Intimate Object XIII

Araceli was invited by Charlie Cummings Gallery to participate in their epic annual cup show, "Cup: The Intimate Object XIII". The show is now open and to see our work alongside that of many ceramicists whom we have admired for years is the stuff of dreams. This is the first show we've participated in since Araceli finished her ceramics diploma, and to have all our pieces sold within days has given us the confidence boost every artist needs when they are starting out. 


Behind the scenes snapshots of my preparation for the Charlie Cummings Gallery show "Cup: The Intimate Object XIII"

There was quite a lot of work behind the 5 mugs we sent to the show. From re-designing the shape of our hand-built mugs to researching each city whose city scape portrayed and then designing the illustrations themselves so they fit perfectly around the mugs. Here are some pictures of the process.