The Eurardy Reserve in Western Australia, CNCF’s current project

The Eurardy Reserve in Western Australia, CNCF’s current project


Managing a sustainable business is at the heart of what we do.

Powered by a deep respect for our natural environment, we strive to make our business as sustainable as possible. Outlined below are our main policies:

Carbon sequestration through Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund (CNCF)

For each piece that is sold, a native tree or shrub is planted through CNCF’s carbon sequestration projects throughout Australia. You can find out more about them here and see their current projects here.

Biodegradable and recyclable packaging

All orders are wrapped in recyclable packaging*. From the stickers to the tape, cardboard, hemp cord, wrapping and shredded paper and marketing materials enclosed (i.e. business cards, postcards), all the material is either biodegradable, recycled or from sustainably managed paper sources. Occasionally bubble wrap may be used, but it is post-consumer waste (we probably received a parcel which had some in it) and has been rescued from going to landfill. In these cases, we would invite the recipient to reuse it where possible to prolong its life.

* The shipping labels are made from sustainably managed paper sources, however due to the nature of their glue, they cannot be recycled.

100% carbon neutral courier service

We engage Sendle as our preferred courier service to ship our wares domestically and internationally. Sendle is a registered B Corp and Australia's first carbon neutral delivery service.


We strive be sustainably mindful in our day to day operations. These include recycling, composting, limiting water use in the studio, ensuring we create as little waste as possible, limiting our use of printing and banking ethically and sustainably to name a few. Additionally, our new studio overlooks our garden, which we are in the process of covering with native plants and establishing a functional veggie patch. You can follow our gardening progress here.